Robotics Reading Group

groupBWLast Friday we started the new season of the Robotics Reading Group at IST. During the meeting we shared the motivations behind our choice of studying robotics and we discussed our interests by listing keywords and authors.

Keywords: Interactive Task Learning, Machine Learning, Behavioral Alignment, Human Simulation, Collaboration, Storytelling, Learning by Teaching, Multimodal Representation Learning, Behavior Synchronization, Algorithm Design, Probabilistic Programming, Cognitive Computational Models, Social Behavior Generation, AI for Social Good, Meta Reinforcement Learning, Model Interpretability,  Autonomous Decision-Making.

Authors: Subbarao Kambhapati, Anca D. DraganJoshua B. TenenbaumJacqueline M. Kory, Bilge Mutlu, Sarah Keren, Keith Evan Green, Jan Peters, Michael A. Goodrich, Cynthia Breazeal, Dan Ariely, David G. Rand, Milind Tambe.

At the end of the meeting we scheduled the next sessions: Natalia and Maha will introduce the topic of Behavioral Synchronization, Ramona will discuss Social Dilemmas, and Rui will surprise us. 


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