About me

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I’m a PhD Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at Técnico in the research group of Artificial Intelligence for People and Society  (GAIPS – INESC-ID). My project is part of the ANIMATAS Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN H2020. My research is supervised by Ana Paiva, co-advised by Francisco Melo and shared with my closest colleague Ramona Merhej.

I’m interested in delving deeper into robotics and machine learning as disciplines of emulating living processes. With my research, I hope to offer alternatives to artificial intelligence that contribute to building our relationship with technologies in valuable ways.

Currently, my research focuses on robot’s plan explanation for children educational purpose.

Write me on silvia.tulli [at] gaips.inesc-id.pt or silvia.tulli [at] tecnico.ulisboa.pt and follow my updates on GithubResearchGate, GoogleScholarLinkedin, Twitter.

With Patrícia Alves-Oliveira, and Miguel Vasco I am co-organizing the Robotics Reading Group, for info have a look at our website!