About me


I am currently a Research Assistant Professor at Sorbonne University, assisting laboratories and teaching at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

As a Researcher, I am interested in developing algorithms to allow AI systems to explain their behavior to humans and better learn from each other. I conducted my research thanks to a Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN Fellowship.  I started my PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at Técnico in the research group of Artificial Intelligence for People and Society  (GAIPS – INESC-ID) co-advised by Ana Paiva, Francisco Melo, and Mohamed Chetouani.  I then moved to Sorbonne University as visiting researcher and worked in the research group of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR). 

My PhD thesis titled Explanation-Guided Learning for Human-AI partnership, is currently under review. It includes computational models to generate explanations about intelligent agents’ inner workings such that other agents can learn from them. 

Research Interests (among others):

  • Explainable/Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning and Inverse Reinforcement Learning


Do not hesitate to contact me on silvia.tulli [at] gaips.inesc-id.pt or tulli[at]isir.upmc.fr and follow my updates on GithubResearchGate, GoogleScholarLinkedin, Twitter. Please find here my CV.

I am co-organizing Talking Robotics, for info have a look at our website!