Book: Peak – Ericsson & Pool

Peak: secrets from the new science of expertise

I heard about this book from Mithuna Yoganathan, a PhD student at Cambridge. Mithuna has a well known youtube channel about mathematics and quantum physics which I strongly recommend: Looking Glass Universe.

While reading this book I felt that “deliberative practice” can give me access to anything I want.

Here a bunch of citations from the book:

“Perfect pitch is not the gift, but, rather, the ability to develop perfect pitch is the gift – and, as nearly as we can tell, pretty much everyone is born with that gift.”

“Since antiquity, people have generally assumed that a person’s potential in any given field is inevitably and unavoidably limited by that person’s inherent talent. […] But we now understand that there’s no such thing as a predefined ability. The brain is adaptable, and training can create skills – such as perfect pitch – that did not exist before. This is a game changer, because learning is now becomes a way of creating abilities rather than of bringing people to the point where they can take advantage of their innate ones.”

“You wish to climb a mountain. You’re not sure how high you want to go – that peak looks an awfully long way off – but you know you want to get higher than you currently are. You could simply take off on whichever path looks promising and hope for the best, but you’re probably not going to get very far. Or you could rely on a guide who has been to the peak and knows the best way there. That will guarantee that no matter how high you decide to climb, you are doin it in the most efficient, effective way.”

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