How to explain Machine Learning to a goat

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-26 at 13.10.08
Sheep in the sunny evenings of May – Tyresta National Park, Stockholm 

How to explain machine learning to a goat is a series of posts about Machine Learning written for absolute beginners. I started to write this blog after my colleague Ramona gets mad at me for not being able to memorize how to make derivatives and steps to update the weights of my network. There are many blogs about this topic, the Machine Learning community is spreading everywhere and all people started speaking and doing some kind of ML, including me. However, I thought that can be useful for me to refresh all the content of the Machine Learning courses starting from a very basic level. I have to thank Ramona for most of the content that you will read, good examples and simple ways of explaining the things come from a deep knowledge of math, real passion and a lot of patience. For other contributions have a look to Satia Mallick, Orla Beert & Mate Lab, Corrin Lakeland,




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